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If you are a learner of German who would like to go for a walk and listen to simple texts at the same time, this podcast could be useful for you.

By listening to  short stories and texts like this, reading along at first and then gradually surrendering that crutch, you will find that the words will begin to stick in your memory.

The reading will help you to learn the vocabulary.

The listening will seal the words, their meanings and their pronunciation in your memory. 

Since the words are often part of a little story, you will learn them in context, which is also very important, since the long-term memory of human beings is based on making connections between related meanings.

If you listen to each episode several times, your understanding will become completely automatic. The first time you forget that what you're hearing is a foreign language, it is an out-of-body experience!

Listening is how you learned your mother tongue: you heard it, day and night, with constant repetitions, in varying contexts, until it became the air that you breathe. 

I wish to thank Carolina Seez for reading out these texts with such warmth, expression and patience. She has also helped me to develop, improve and edit each one.

You can also visit my German Island blog for more activities, links and support with your learning.

Kind regards, 

Roslyn Green

Our school in Melbourne, Australia - a world away from German-speaking lands...

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